Recover Out Loud with Recovery Revolution Live!

Sep 21, 2022

Tonight Rev. LC sits with the gang from Recovery Revolution Live- JR, Ashley, Brett & Jason! We will discuss how Rock Bottom becomes a Gift, the Multitude of Recovery Paths and Why Recovering Out Loud is So Important! And So Much More! Be Sure to Follow & Subscribe to Recovery Revolution Live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & All Social Media Platforms! Also, Be Sure to Like, Subscribe, Share & Follow Recovery Soulfood & Rev. LC on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music & iHeart Radio FOLLOW IG @recovery_soulfood TikTok @RecoverySoulfood , Twitter @RecoverySoulfd & Facebook/LonaCurrie MOST OF ALL, if you enjoy our content & want to help us Keep Going & Growing become a Monthly Supporter Here: Your Donations, Reviews, Likes, Shares & Comments help get our message of True Healing Possibilities out to More People in this world! Thank You! Now, Let’s Rock This Show Warriors!