#123 – Dona Speir: The Naked Truth

Aug 3, 2022

My life is proof that a life filled with addiction, abuse, and tremendous suffering can be completely transformed into one filled with hope, prosperity, and genuine happiness. With 35-years clean and sober, I have defied the odds of the disease of addiction and I am devoted to guiding others to do the same. After finding my own sobriety, I discovered that my calling and purpose lies in empowering others to find theirs. Today, I am a renowned addiction recovery coach, interventionist, author and public speaker.

I found fame in Hollywood at a young age, pivoting a teenage modeling career into roles in television and film while earning a place as a world-renowned Playboy Centerfold. From the outside, it appeared I had it all: beauty, success, elite connections, while traveling the world. But behind the glamour, I was in extraordinary pain. I was groomed and victimized by sexual predators in positions of power. I began using drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma. My drug use spiraled into addiction, and I found myself at a crossroads, realizing I would succumb to the disease if I did not fight for my life. I fought hard and remarkably found sobriety at the young age of 23 and I have never looked back, while maintaining my sobriety for over three decades. I truly understand the complexity of the social, physical, and emotional aspects of alcoholism and addiction. In addition to learning through my own experiences, I have studied addiction and recovery while becoming a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I and II and National Certified Interventionist.

In 2019, I finally published my memoir, Naked Truth, The Fall and Rise of Dona Speir, where I recount the story of my childhood, modeling and acting career, and victimization by powerful men. I also delved into the details of my addiction and subsequent triumphant recovery. At the heart of my healing, I believe in using humor and enthusiasm to overcome even the darkest of moments. I have mentored thousands of people in discovering sobriety and leading fulfilling, joyous lives, and am committed to mentoring thousands more.

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