#129 – Joe C: Beyond Belief

Sep 14, 2022

Sober since disco, Joe C still brings a beginner’s mind and a critical curiosity to our addictions and recovery world. As a writer, broadcaster and podcaster, journalistic pursuits include music and songwriting, billiards, economics, demographics and addiction and recovery. Joe has spoken to treatment professionals about recovery history and culture with a special interest in underrepresented populations in recovery from addiction; Joe has hosted/co-hosted weekend retreats and Zoom-inars for people in recovery; Rebellion Dogs Publishing released Beyond Belief: Agnostics Musings for 12 Step Life, (2013) the first daily reflection book for atheists/agnostics and everyone, and he hosts another addiction/recovery/mental health podcast called Rebellion Dogs Radio.

Pathways to Recovery and Desistance: The Role of the Social Contagion of Hope - David Best