#129 – Joe C: Beyond Belief

Sober since disco, Joe C still brings a beginner’s mind and a critical curiosity to our addictions and recovery world. As a writer, broadcaster and podcaster, journalistic pursuits include music and songwriting, billiards, economics, demographics and addiction and recovery. Joe has spoken to treatment professionals about recovery history and culture with a special interest in underrepresented populations in recovery from addiction; Joe has hosted/co-hosted weekend retreats and Zoom-inars for people in recovery; Rebellion Dogs Publishing released Beyond Belief: Agnostics Musings for 12 Step Life, (2013) the first daily reflection book for atheists/agnostics and everyone, and he hosts another addiction/recovery/mental health podcast called Rebellion Dogs Radio.

Pathways to Recovery and Desistance: The Role of the Social Contagion of Hope - David Best

Sep 14, 2022

#128 – Sandra Landau: Love and Light to the world

Sandra is a Registered Nurse from Metro Detroit Michigan that suffered in silence with PTSD, anxiety and depression which lead to an addiction. Sandra is also a suicide survivor. Over the last two years Sandra has been in recovery for PTSD and addiction. She has reignited her passion for helping others . Sandra became an entrepreneur, Resilience coach, author and international speaker. She also founded a Non-Profit organization and created an awareness project that is saving lives. She has a passionate compassion and deep empathy to bring HOPE to others that are struggling with mental health or addiction.

Love and Light to the world Non-Profit Organization http://www.loveandlighttotheworld.org @love_and_light_to_the_world

Rockstar Testimony support platform for mental health and addiction. @rockstar_testimony


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Sep 7, 2022

#127 – Jack Brown: Peer 2 Peer Whole Wellness

Jack Brown is an Army Veteran and a Peer Support Specialist. Jack currently leads a peer run organization, Peer 2 Peer Whole Wellness. Jack is also a certified MHPS/RSPS and newly Certified RPS, as well as a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) facilitator. Jack has an Associates of Science in Mental Health/Human Services and an Associates of Science in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling, and is a strong advocate for peer providers across Texas.

Jack has gathered tools through various training to support his ability to now live a life that includes self-care and advocacy. Jack is often called upon to speak his truth relative to substance use challenges, mental health challenges and recovery from incarceration. He uses his past to shine a light for others future. Jack believes that living a life in recovery and modeling healing behavior is the key to ultimate freedom.

Peer2PeerWholeWellness.org | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn

Check out our podcast host, Pinecast. Start your own podcast for free with no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-56a9e5 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Recovery Survey.

Aug 31, 2022

#126 – Reagan Reilly: Stripping Barriers to Recovery

Reagan Reilly is an exotic dancer in Las Vegas with over 10 years sober. Reagan is honest about her past addictions, life as a stripper, and how she maintains sobriety in the adult entertainment industry.


Aug 24, 2022

#125 – Dean Becker: Progress Not Perfection

Dean is 35-years-old and was in active addiction for 11 years. He has two kids and a wife that went through hell with him. He says that "I'm just a junkie who's living a miracle, one grateful day at a time."

You can contact Dean at dean@imperiumsecure.com

Aug 17, 2022

#124 – Martha Jones: XXV

Martha Jones celebrated 25 years sober on July 20th - her sober date is 7/20/1997. “You CAN do it!” She is a survivor and a Mama fighting against human trafficking and child exploitation.

You can contact Martha at marthasjones72097@gmail.com

Aug 10, 2022

#123 – Dona Speir: The Naked Truth

My life is proof that a life filled with addiction, abuse, and tremendous suffering can be completely transformed into one filled with hope, prosperity, and genuine happiness. With 35-years clean and sober, I have defied the odds of the disease of addiction and I am devoted to guiding others to do the same. After finding my own sobriety, I discovered that my calling and purpose lies in empowering others to find theirs. Today, I am a renowned addiction recovery coach, interventionist, author and public speaker.

I found fame in Hollywood at a young age, pivoting a teenage modeling career into roles in television and film while earning a place as a world-renowned Playboy Centerfold. From the outside, it appeared I had it all: beauty, success, elite connections, while traveling the world. But behind the glamour, I was in extraordinary pain. I was groomed and victimized by sexual predators in positions of power. I began using drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma. My drug use spiraled into addiction, and I found myself at a crossroads, realizing I would succumb to the disease if I did not fight for my life. I fought hard and remarkably found sobriety at the young age of 23 and I have never looked back, while maintaining my sobriety for over three decades. I truly understand the complexity of the social, physical, and emotional aspects of alcoholism and addiction. In addition to learning through my own experiences, I have studied addiction and recovery while becoming a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I and II and National Certified Interventionist.

In 2019, I finally published my memoir, Naked Truth, The Fall and Rise of Dona Speir, where I recount the story of my childhood, modeling and acting career, and victimization by powerful men. I also delved into the details of my addiction and subsequent triumphant recovery. At the heart of my healing, I believe in using humor and enthusiasm to overcome even the darkest of moments. I have mentored thousands of people in discovering sobriety and leading fulfilling, joyous lives, and am committed to mentoring thousands more.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Recovery Today Magazine

Aug 3, 2022

#122 – Gentry Jones: Life with Gentry

My name is Gentry and I am the a proud owner of AF Squared products, programs and coaching services. I am a busy momma to four boys with the youngest two being identical 4 year old twins. I put down the bottle after wasting many years, days and minutes battling my love/hate relationship with alcohol. I am dedicated to helping other on their sober journey and am proud to represent the benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle. Mommy doesn't need wine.

Instagram | TikTok

Jul 27, 2022

#121 – J. Edwards Holt: Seven Branches

Born in North Carolina, United States, J. Edwards Holt always knew that he wanted to be a writer. After graduating high school, he attended college and pursued a degree in education, but later decided to change course and follow his dream to become a novelist and children’s author. Now a bestselling author, ordained minister, and mental health advocate, Holt spends his free time reading and helping the less fortunate in his community. He is passionate about spreading Christian messages through his writing, watching science fiction and superhero movies, and collecting comic books.

JEdwardHolts.com | Exceptional Needs Today | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

Jul 20, 2022

#120 – Adam Carroll: Addict 2 Athlete

Hi, my name’s Adam and I’ve been clean and sober now for over 9 years, racking up daily gains and wins, growing strong odaat (one day at a time) since seeking help and changing my life in 2013. If I hadn't, jails, institutions and death were to be my fate—instead becoming addicted to bettering myself and helping others better themselves.

I was a very insecure child, uncomfortable and feeling of loneliness all too common, which led to some serious bullying. I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, the only things that made me feel ok and started dealing at age 14. Got kicked out of my mom's and dropped out of high school, and so the high cost of low living in the fast lane going nowhere fast ensued.

Full-time career using and selling, had my own place early on, even a vehicle with no licence. Hanging with the wrong crowd, but feeling that false sense of belonging, respect, strength, and people feared me, taking away all my insecurities and I was invincible. My life of addiction and crime riddled with jail stints, violence, near death experiences, drug deals gone south, crazy long benders, and ultimately, loss of friends and family, and almost my own life. 

When I finally decided to turn my addictive personality into a positive direction; started going to the gym and working out everyday; got addicted to learning and accumulated many certifications and knowledge adding to my lived experience. 

Today, I'm on mission to help others the same way I was but with a more specific and holistic approach through the @theaddict2athletemethod, focusing on taking care of the mind, body and soul by combining the 12 steps and meetings, breathwork, sober coaching/peer counselling, and addressing past trauma.

Why do Breathwork? To truly understand the power of stillness and the power of the breath to quiet the analytical mind to remember who they are and where they come from. To become a more self aware being.

My definition of self-awareness: It is the awareness that you (the Soul) are not your Avatar (the body and mind/brain). 

It means that you have become aware/awakened and/or remembered that you are a Soul/Entity that is having a human experience with your Sentient Being. 

It means becoming aware that you have been on autopilot... identifying with all of your human experiences, deeply conditioning you to a low vibration (anxiousness, fear, shame, etc.) 

It means you are now aware and have come to the understanding that you need to heal and or retrain your Sentient Being/Avatar (the body and mind/brain) WITH LOVE through STILLNESS/PRESENCE... BEING, so that you can raise to your TRUE vibration... LOVING AWARENESS (acceptance, empathy, forgiveness, etc.). 

To discover your true power and potential as a Sovereign Light Being... God!

I love helping others reach their goals, nothing makes me happier than to work with individuals who are motivated and ready to also be the game changers in their lives.

I am a mental health and recovery advocate. 

My qualifications are as follows:

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Field: Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Certified Sober Coach Certified Breathwork Therapist Certified Addiction Supervisor/Peer Counsellor

Fitness & Nutrition Field: Certified Elite Personal Trainer Certified Nutritionist Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified FRC Mobility Specialist Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Facebook | Instagram

Jul 13, 2022