#114 – Mike Fiore: Inspire 2 Inspire

Michael Fiore is the CEO and founder at INSPIRE 2 INSPIRE, partner with The Sober app. Mike used and abused drugs for 20 years, on November 3rd he successfully detox off of methadone after 12 years. He went as high as 140 mlg. Mike graduated treatment on May 10th and moved from NYC to California to pursue a career as a motivational speaker. From inside treatment she tarted a non-profit and got full incorporated, went on tour speaking and started a clothing line. He turned his mess into his message and live by two mantras, "we are responsible for the effort not the outcome" and "perspective equals potential".

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May 18, 2022

#113 – Jennifer Denny: Addiction Counselor from Behind Bars

Jennifer Denny is an addictions counselor from behind the bars. She's learned how working with incarcerated men can provide her with the courage to seek a life of sobriety after struggling through 18 years of active addiction.


May 11, 2022

#112 – Toniquinne: Truth Hurts

Toniquinne is an addiction recovery advocate and recovery coach, dedicated to helping those who struggle by sharing her story and providing a safe space for those seeking help.

Toni shares her story through satirical and comedic videos, designed to educate and inform individuals about addiction and the road to recovery.

By telling her story in a humorous and honest way, she aims to educate people on addiction in a more digestible way - allowing space for conversation without fear.

Toni shares her story predominantly on TikTok and has just relaunched her YouTube Channel, The Truth Hurts with Toniquinne, in celebration of her 10 year addiction recovery milestone.

There is one message that filters through all of Toni’s content - and it’s a simple one: “we do recover.”

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May 4, 2022

#111 – Lynn Walker: Midnight Calling

Lynn Walker is the author of _Midnight Calling: A Memoir of a Drug Smuggler's Daughter_. For many years, Lynn worked with high school students whose parents were drug addicts and alcoholics. She is now Executive Director of an environmental organization in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her husband and two teenagers. She is currently finishing the true story of her father's infamous life as a Miami undercover narcotics agent-turned-drug smuggler.

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Apr 27, 2022

#110 – Stephanie Graves: Long-Term Sobriety

Stephanie Graves is a recovering alcoholic/addict advocating for long-term sobriety. She uses her social media platforms to spread a message of hope and freedom from active addiction.

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Apr 20, 2022

#109 – Jewels: The Making of a Woman

The Making of a Woman is the compelling autobiography of a dynamic female who refused to bow down to the circumstances of her birth. With a prevailing sense of self and survival, Jewels fought a hardscrabble war against the forces and people that populated her life in a way that often crushes others.

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Apr 13, 2022

#108 – Kellan Fluckiger: An Invitation To Change

Coming through decades of depression, addictions, life-threatening illness and a near-death experience, Kellan has become the ultimate catalyst to help motivated people melt barriers, move mountains and mobilize superpowers to achieve their true desires. As a coach and keynote speaker, Kellan’s masterful approach helps people get past old stories, change beliefs and create a life context to reach even goals that seemed impossible.

KellanFluckiger.com | Your Ultimate Life Podcast | Books

Apr 6, 2022

#107 – Dr. Joe Volpicelli: Recovery Options

Dr. Volpicelli has spent the last twenty-five years as a pioneer in clinical research, education, and practice. He has served as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and Senior Scientist at the Pennsylvania VA Center for Research on Addictive Disorders. He has led the way in the integration of medications with psychotherapy support to treat addictions. His research on the use of naltrexone led to the first new medication to be approved by the FDA for alcohol treatment in nearly fifty years. After twenty-five years at Penn, Dr. Volpicelli decided to put theory to practice as he opened the Volpicelli Center in 2009.

Dr. Volpicelli is a featured author of over 100 academic publications and two of his own books, “Recovery Options: The Complete Guide” and “Combining Medication and Psychosocial Treatments for Addictions: The BRENDA Approach.” 

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Mar 30, 2022

#106 – Jason Rudeen: The Way Out

This is Jason Rudeen, I co host The Way Out Podcast and I'm a person in long term recovery. What that means for me is that I haven't felt the need to touch a drink or a drug since 7/23/2016. My DOC was... well anything! I guess meth was my kryptonite. I support all pathways to recovery. I was a buffet style user so I work my recovery the same way. I draw from many different sources in my own recovery. Getting (and living) clean is something I never imagined I could do. I was addicted to drinking, using and dealing since I was 13. I got clean at 36 so that's 23 years of debauchery. I never knew no other way. On my journey I learned the importance of sharing my story. It can heal me, inspire others and gives them permission to share their own stories! It's therapeutic value is without parallel, as they say!! I am so grateful I found Charles and shared my story with him early on (that's episode 31 if you want to check it out). When he asked me if I wanted to co host and help take the show to the next level I was nervous. I didn't feel qualified, and if I listened to my feelings, I would have cheated myself. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Say yes! Show up for opportunities if they could potentially benefit you or others. Be willing to get uncomfortable! Start helping others! That's where the real growth happens! My heart is in this show and I'm grateful for every one of you listeners! You all teach me so much. Thank you for your ears and your insights! I hope you find some real help within these episodes. God bless you all!

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Mar 23, 2022

#105 – Gina Sacco: Girl Talk

I’m 33 and I am a native to Virginia. I was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA and currently reside in Richmond. I am a Dog Momma of two adorable rescue dogs, Dude and Blanche.

I come from a split family- 2 moms, 2 dads, lots of siblings/bonus siblings and all of my grandparents also divorced and remarried on each side. So, long story short, my childhood was super traumatic and dysfunctional, but I always got a ton of Christmas and Birthday gifts! (Silver linings, am I right!?)

Not only am I a grateful alcoholic in recovery, I have struggled with addiction since I can remember. I developed a severe eating disorder in middle school and when I was removed from my household at the age of 16, the eating disorder also went away. (I’ll save that story for another podcast.) food, toxic men, sex, drugs and alcohol…whatever could fill the huge hole that was myself…I needed it all. 

I am an ACOA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic) and my Mom and I are in recovery together. She’s been sober for over five years and has been such an inspiration. (Yes, we are like the show “Mom.” We go to meetings together but luckily, relapses aren’t a part of our journeys. Oh, and neither of us were strippers…) 

I enjoy being outdoors and being super active, but also have been known to binge watch Netflix for an entire weekend (it’s called self-care and balance y’all..haha). I enjoy comedy and one of my daily affirmations is “I will inspire and make thousands of people laugh today.” 

Being sober has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The greatest decision I have ever made for myself, and I told myself, to never question that decision I made back on June 20th, 2021. I haven’t drank since, I don’t think about alcohol…and I love my new life living sober. When you hate yourself and your life for 32ish years, and you think “welp, this is it..this is how life is going to be…” and you realize it’s not once your sober, that life is so amazing, being present is such a gift, I would never go back…staying sober is my only option, this is a never ending journey of healing and growth..and I hope to inspire others along the way. 

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Mar 16, 2022