#72 – Tommy Figlioli: That's What Junkies Do

Tommy's story starts innocently enough in 1980's Brooklyn, NY, as a young boy, Thomas Figlioli, makes a bad choice so he could gain the respect of a group of kids he looked up to and admired. Alcohol gives him the courage to be the person he always wanted to be. His fear and insecurity leaves and his lifelong struggle begins. Being a good student, Thomas lands a scholarship to Pace University in Pleasantville, New York, where his alcohol use and hard partying ways increase with each passing day. When things start to turn sour in Pleasantville, he moves back to Brooklyn for a geographic change. It is back in his old hometown that his life starts to unravel at a steady and almost torturous pace. After losing a promising career in the financial industry, his life turns even darker, eventually being hospitalized in a psych unit for alcohol and cocaine use. Once released he immediately reverts to the same ways. Tommy's life becomes a vicious cycle of addiction, graduating to harder and more damaging drugs. There is nothing he won't do and nobody he won't hurt. When thoughts of ending it all become a better choice than living how he is, Tommy finally asks for help and gets it through a twelve step recovery program. He comes back to life only to fall back into his old ways a few short years later. Now, a grown man and upstanding citizen, with a career, a fiancé and people who count on him every day, Tommy secretly navigates his way through a seven-and-a-half-year struggle with various prescription medications, eventually finding his way back to recovery and the life he always prayed for when times were at their worst.

You can find Tommy's book "That's What Junkies Do" on Amazon

You can contact Tommy on Facebook and Instagram @tfiggy0918


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Jul 21, 2021

#71 – Martin Parker: Keep It Steady

Martin is a single father, diagnosed with Parkinson's at 32, a natural physique competitor and an award winning inspirational speaker. He has been living sober for over 5 years. On October 28, 2015 Martin found himself in his car that had flipped upside down in a ditch in his underwear and decided right then and there that his life needed to change. He pulled myself out of the ditch not remembering how he got there. He looked down at his truck upside down in the ditch. The tire was still spinning, it had lost it's grip and lost it's purpose, like him. He knew it was time to retread, repurpose, and keep it steady. He got up, got his life together and decided he would give the finger to both addiction and Parkinson's Disease. He launched the "Keep It Steady" movement to help inspire others living through similar challenges.  He shares the lessons he has learned on a recovery journey and his experiences navigating Parkinson’s disease to inspire others to step forward and claim their best lives possible. @martinpkis  #whatsshakinkeepitstead

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Jul 14, 2021

#70 – Craig Lewis: Surviving The Impossible

Craig Lewis is a human being who learned the hard way the difference between being alive and truly living. Craig believes that if you do the personal work that you need to do, whatever that work may be; you will experience improvements. Having lived in Mexico now for over two years, Craig is successfully making progress in experiencing greater degrees of inner peace. He recently published both ‘The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible’ and “You’re Crazy” Volume Two and he finds happiness in growing roses, loving cats and doing whatever he wants.

Contact information: punx.in.recovery@gmail.com Mental Health Affairs Blog

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Jul 7, 2021

#69 – Brock Bevell: Chase The Vase

Brock Bevell is a well-regarded family man with 7 children, six daughters and one son. He is a retired Police Officer who was run over on duty and ultimately retired from the injuries.  The injuries caused him to endure numerous knee surgeries and constant rehabilitation. To deal with the pain, he was prescribed Opioids. After months and months of therapy, the department and doctors made the determination that his injuries would prevent him from doing the job effectively and could place others at risk. It was decided that he would be medically retired from the department. 

For the next few years, Brock struggled with being retired. The day after turning in his equipment, he felt ostracized and not a part of the brotherhood. This was a huge blow to his ego. One day your chasing bad guys and the next your picking up your kid’s toys. It was a difficult transition. It was at this time, that Brock’s addiction took control of his emotions and he began to spin out of control, and he proceeded to self-medicate himself.  During the height of his addiction, he went through a very difficult divorce. He lost time with his children and made poor decisions costing him his children’s trust. Brock was a highly successful and functioning man despite his opioid habit. He continued to struggle with his moral compass being broken. He did not believe that the met the stereotypical image of a drug addict. At least the ones he had arrested. He worked tirelessly to battle his addiction and strengthen his relationship with his Higher Power. He tried to cut down, cut back and cut off his opioid intake. But because the opioids were being prescribed by his doctor, he justified the need for them.


Chase The Vase Podcast

The Agents of Recovery Podcast

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Jun 30, 2021

#68 – Clint Adams: Lighting the Blue Flame

I am a former Victorian police officer who studied psychology and later, Rehabilitation Counseling. My police, counseling  injury management, senior HR roles and working with asylum seekers have made me develop insights into the psychology and social interactions of individuals in trying conditions. have developed various behavioral and leadership programs to help people deal with various issues from PTSD to bullying and harassment. I am a keynote speaker on Suicide Prevention and Diversity and runs programs on mental health and wellbeing for corporate organizations and sporting organizations for teens. I am the author of a book called Lighting the Blue Flame. The book is written as a story of a teen who commits suicide because of being bullied, but wants his death to at least have an impact to change things so it doesn’t happen to others. So he decides to send those he believes are responsible for him being bullied, those who watched and laughed and the school for not doing enough. Ultimately the school gets me involved as a character in the book to help them and the students deal with the suicide, but also look at how they can prevent it from happening again. I also help the mother deal with her grieving process. The book has a lot of QR codes throughout for more information and also just random things teenagers would send each other on social media, so it is a little more interactive than other books. It also has it’s own soundtrack as I wanted to add that extra layer of depth to the experience as music can emphasise how people feel and experience things. 

For more information visit https://blueflameprojects.com.au/

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Jun 23, 2021

#67 – Will Black: The Balanced Self

After overcoming years of depression and alcoholism, Will now three years sober, helps others overcome their own obstacles. As a Self Mastery Coach, Will empowers driven individuals to reduce anxiety, find clarity and live balanced lives." Using a holistic approach incorporating meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices, and more, Will teaches his clients the modalities that helped him and guides them to break free of their limitations.

Website: https://www.willowenblack.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.balanced.self/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.balanced.self

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Jun 16, 2021

#66 – Beth Gardner: Self-Reliant

Since my retirement from the National sport of Rowing in 1999, I have been following a dual career path in the Investment and Cancer Non-profit Industries including Row for the Cure Philadelphia, LiveSTRONG, Susan G. Moment and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Currently, my focus is strictly in Public Relations, Communications and Marketing. Now, 20 years cancer free after being diagnosed just one month after my 30th birthday, I am broadening my cancer advocacy work by applying my B.S Psychology Degree from Drexel University and my Life Coach Certification from World Coaching Institute, by offering one-on-one confidential guidance to those adverse to addiction and cancer. This includes cancer patients and caregivers.See www.selfreliant.info

My additional deep-rooted expertise and passions are in:

  • Investment Management,
  • High Profile Fortune 500 Level Fundraising,
  • Public Speaker and Media Booking,
  • Book and DVD Marketing,
  • Public Relations & Communications,
  • Center of Influence Networking,
  • AWAI Certified Copywriter,
  • SEO,
  • General Marketing,

These skills have been used at times simultaneously to transform investment corporate communications and event planning for multiple non-profit and for-profit organizations to raise record funds and drive significant sales growth. They have also increased booking and sales for Motivational, Key Note and Public Speakers. Since my retirement from the National sport of Rowing in 1999, I have been following a dual career path in the Investment and Cancer Non-profit Industries including Row for the Cure Philadelphia, LiveSTRONG, Susan G. Moment and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Currently, my focus is strictly in Public Relations, Communications and Marketing.

_“You Can Heal Your Life”_ by Louis Hay

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-a-gardner-267a6b6a/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tall.glass.h20/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beth.gardner.1232

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Jun 9, 2021

#65 – Jesse Harless: If Not You, Then Who?

Jesse Harless is a leader and facilitator in the addiction recovery and mental health space. As CEO of Entrepreneurs in Recovery®, he facilitates highly experiential online and in-person trainings that help individuals and organizations harness their strengths, elevate purpose, and build safety. Jesse holds a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rivier University and is a Resilience coach, HeartMath® certified trainer, and bestselling author of If Not You, Then Who? To learn more, visit www.JesseHarless.com or check out his Instagram

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Jun 2, 2021

#64 – Justin Brien: Finding Your "Why"

Justin Brien is a Mental Health Advocate / Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach working in Salmon Arm BC. For over half of his lifetime, he has been riddled with an endless cycle of addiction stemming from mental health. He has battled dark nights filled with loneliness and doubt, questioning whether or not he would make it to see his son graduate, ride a bike, or even through the night. It was during this time by his own sheer mental determination and ultimately his will to live and succeed that he decided to find his “why” in life.

You can find out more about Justin at JustinBrein.com or Instagram

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May 26, 2021

#63 – Jeff Vickers: Sober Slogans

Jeff Vickers is a recovering addict and a self proclaimed "sober enthusiast" He is currently writing a series of books called Sober Slogans. It is a 3-part book series. Even if you're not in recovery you've heard the motto, "One Day at a Time." But what does that really mean to the recovering addict? Book 1: "Recovery Mottos We Love" Here we delve into 7 known mottos.

Order your copy of 'Sober Slogans: Recovery Mottos We Love' on Amazon

Sober Slogans Facebook

Sober Slogans Instagram

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May 19, 2021