#151 – Peg O'Connor: Higher and Friendly Powers

Peg O’Connor is a Professor of Philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, recovering alcoholic of 35 years, and author of Higher and Friendly Powers: Transforming Addiction and Suffering and Life on the Rocks: Finding Meaning in Addiction and Recovery. She writes the column "Philosophy Stirred, Not Shaken” for psychologytoday.com

In her free time, Peg is an avid tennis player and a black belt in taekwondo. She has worked in dog rescue for about 10 years and finds that her faith in humanity can be simultaneously shattered by meeting mistreated animals and restored by colleagues who are fiercely loving and caring advocates. Her own dog, Clooney, is a rescue and they spend their days together in the great Minneapolis area.


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Mar 29, 2023

#150 – Prof Lisa Sargese: Diary of a Fat Girl

Author Lisa Sargese lost over 140 pounds, recovered from physical and emotional trauma, and helps others on their healing path. She uses her training in the healing traditions of Qi Gong and Mindfulness to help people live happier healthier lives. She is an adjunct professor of world religions, eastern philosophy, and psychology who has taught at universities for over 20 years. Find her on YouTube and social media for daily inspiration and guidance!

Diary of a Fat Girl | LisaSargese.com | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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Mar 22, 2023

#149 – Dr. Chad Davis: The 12 Steps 2.0

The book was 10 years in the works and is based off of current and past evidence-based research.

I was sexually abused by first father, I had 4 different dads, 16 different schools - 3 different high schools, left home at 16, homeless 5 times, over 70 street addresses, tons of alcohol & club drugs … yet I'm now Dr Davis.

People do not understand the true power of mindset, attitude, and their language.

FearlessRecovery.weebly.com | The 12 Steps 2.0: Wake up and Smell the Coffee about the VERY Outdated Incurable Disease Model

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Mar 15, 2023

#148 – Dr. Eddie Capparucci: Going Deeper

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a licensed therapist and certified in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. He and his wife, Teri, have a private practice working with men struggling with sexual and pornography addictions, as well as their wives who are dealing with betrayal.


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Mar 8, 2023

#147 – Elita Summers: Overcoming Hardships

Elita Summers is youthful and fun loving with a mind that is both highly creative and highly analytical. While overcoming many of life’s hardships she’s been able to transform and build an impactful business. Her work empowers people to work better by delivering clear and concise content in a creative way.

Plume, Pen, & Pencil

Mar 1, 2023

#146 – Paula Yolles: End Emotional Eating

Paula Yolles empowers women to end emotional eating. The women she works with know that it’s not really about the food and they are ready to do some deeper soulful work so they can step out of this exhausting struggle and step into deeper self-love while feeling fabulous in a body just right for her, live a joyous life, and having a lasting peaceful relationship with food. Paula is the owner and head coach of Body-Mind-Food Freedom and the founder of the End Emotional Eating with Ease Method.

Paula draws on her 20+ years of holistic health, elementary school teaching, and emotional wellness training to bring a non-judgemental openness to her coaching.  Paula is trained in the Healer's Program, Empowerment Chakra Tapping Mastery, EFT Tapping, & is a Meal Garden Recipe Professional.

Email: paula@paulayolles.com Facebook Group: End Emotional Eating Sisterhood Instagram: @paulayolles

FREE GUIDE - 4 Ways for Emotional Eaters to Interrupt their Eating Habits (without giving up the foods you love): https://paulayolles.click/guide-1

Feb 22, 2023

#145 – Amy Woods: From Homeless to Wholeness

Amy Woods is the CEO and Founder of A.R. Woods Consulting and Infinity Sales Systems Program. 7 years ago Amy went through homelessness after a hard divorce, lost her kids and became a dysfunctional drunk. The day she tried to commit suicide is the day her life changed. She chose life. Now she is a college graduate, a thriving, successful business owner and has found happiness and fulfillment in her life while being sober. Amy's philosophy on staying sober is unique and while it may not be for everyone, she chooses everyday to wake up and be of service to other people. This has brought the fulfillment in her life that she has always wanted. By doing so she has a healthy relationship with herself, her husband, and friendships that are everlasting. Amy is proof it can be done. Come listen to Amy's story and gain perspective on creating an empowered life!

Infinity Sales Systems Program | Amy Woods Coaching

Feb 15, 2023

#144 – Ann Visser: 4Better4Ever

I am a life coach, speaker and trainer with 4Better4Ever. I help people communicate in a way that aligns with their values. Free 7 Day Challenge

Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Feb 8, 2023

#143 – Adam Tripp & CJ Syas: Mantra Recovery

Adam Tripp is a Dallas, Texas native with strong ties to the recovery community. After 20 years of active addiction, Adam recovered in 2013. A few years later, it became apparent to him that many disparities, stigmas, and outright disinformation exist within this community. Mantra Recovery was born out of the need for a truly inclusive and nonjudgemental form of recovery support. 

CJ Syas was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Dallas, Texas. His path to recovery began in 1999 when he too shared similar experiences with Adam. It only made perfect sense that these two come together and breathe new life into this industry. CJ's passion for advocacy and "shoot it straight" personality provide Mantra Recovery's clients with exactly what they need.


Feb 1, 2023

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Jan 4, 2023