#84 – Ciara Carter: Run Thrive Survive

Ciara Carter is Behavior Analyst and personal trainer focused in creating ways to improve mental & emotional health through fitness and nutrition. After a close call from a sever eating disorder, she knew that little to no education in nutrition, fitness, and life routines, it will create a terrible battle with mental health.

She started Run Thrive Survive Podcast to talk about rituals, health topics, and behavior psychology to help 20-somethings create habits now to succeed in their education and careers, but most importantly, feel better mentally and physically so they can run their lives.

www.runthrivesurvive.com | Run Thrive Survive Podcast | Instagram

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Oct 13, 2021

#83 – Kimberlee Plezia: The Rope of Hope

Kimberlee Plezia is a certified Life Coach and podcaster from Colorado Springs, CO. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor and recovered drug addict, Kimberlee spent most of her life hating herself and her body. She has now dedicated her business to helping others to know their worth and love themselves in the bodies that they are in. She is a fat awareness and acceptance advocate determined to make a different in how fat bodies are viewed. On a more personal note, Kimberlee is a wife, mother, and proud grandmother.

ThisFatGirlLife.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

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Oct 6, 2021

#82 – Elisabeth Kristof: Brain-Based Wellness

Brain-Based Wellness with Elisabeth Kristof is a combo of applied neuroscience training and high-education, high energy at-home workouts that include strategic muscles toning, HIIT cardio and brain-based Pilates.

This wellness practice also includes somatic (body-based) meditation, breath work and cranial nerve stimulation for well-being and nervous system health. This is a space for growth-oriented people to come together and support each other in achieving health and vitality.

Work out, work inward and move forward.

Brain-Based Wellness Website | Instagram

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Sep 29, 2021

#81 – Dr. Robb Kelly: Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking

Robb has overcome homelessness, alcohol dependency, trauma, PTSD, and MDD and a whirlwind of events to be the "Gordon Ramsay" of the addiction treatment world. Before Robb succumbed to addiction and mental health issues, he played bass guitar at Abbey Studio with Queen, David Bowie, and Elton John. He is an accomplished musician, and the money he made helped him attend Oxford University to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology. Robb's work ethic is defined by helping the addict step out of their disease and into a solution. We work with everyday people, professionals, and celebrities who want to reach sobriety and live in sustained recovery through evidence-based modalities and a genuine therapeutic alliance. Robb believes in helping marginalized communities because he understands that everyone has different worldviews when addiction is rearing its ugly head.

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Book

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Sep 22, 2021

#80 – Win Charles: A Winning Cup

Podcast host, Win Kelly Charles, has Cerebral Palsy and her mission is to help others with physical and mental disabilities to find their voices through written or spoken word, using today's assistive technologies as needed.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Sep 15, 2021

Recovery Revolution Live: Keep Coming Back with Jeff Vickers

Live Stream every Monday night at 7PM CST on Recovery Revolution.

This weeks topic was Keep Coming Back and I was joined by the author of Sober Slogans: Recovery Mottos We Love, Jeff Vickers

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Sep 15, 2021

#79 – Michael Unbroken: Think Unbroken

Ad at beginning of show: Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

Trauma Survivor: Son of drug addicts and abusers, molested by family friend, mother cut off my finger, homeless by 10, drug addict by 12, alcoholic by 19, morbidly obese twice, total fucking failure.

Trauma Warrior: After my “Mirror Moment” I created the life I wanted through self-actualization and mindset training. It’s taken my entire life to get to the place I am today.

Trauma Mentor: Through mindset and hard work, I have become the happiest, healthiest, and most in love with myself then I have ever been and I want to gift the world with the tools and knowledge I have accumulated to do the same. I am no longer that lost, lonely, unloved, and broken little boy. I AM UNBROKEN.

ThinkUnbroken.com | Think Unbroken Podcast | Instagram | Facebook

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Sep 8, 2021

#78 – Rex ShadesEagle: Know Love

Rex is a child abuse and molestation survivor, a rape survivor and for 27 years he was an active Heroin addict. He is now 8 years clean and has transformed his life by transforming his narrative. Rex have been working as a Recovery Mentor and Speaker since April 2006, he has been a Certified Life Coach since July 2021. He specializes in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by helping them to ask the difficult but often necessary questions to identify the underlying causes and root trauma that can act as an emotional weight, constantly pulling us down.

Rex is working on a book titled Know Love: Life Lessons from a Recovered Junkie Ex-Con

Contact information: Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Sep 1, 2021

#77 – Matt Smith: Life Without Porn

Matt Smith coaches men to free them from pornography and help them lead the life they want. 

Coaching Philosophy: Thoughts & beliefs are our most powerful tools! We look at porn because of our thoughts & beliefs but our thoughts and beliefs will also free ourselves from porn. I coach men (and women) to free themselves from porn by changing their mindset in regard to porn. I also address the underlying issues that are leading us to use porn in the first place. When we work on changing our thoughts and beliefs, we are led away from porn vs us trying to stop the out-of-control train that is constantly bearing down on us. If you want to free yourself from porn and up level your life 1000%, come talk to me!

Work with me to free yourself from porn. Send me a message on Instagram, Facebook or email and let's talk about how we can tackle this problem together!

Matt's Website, Facebook and Instagram

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Aug 25, 2021

#76 – Rachel K. Baldwin: Against Such Things

Rachel K. Baldwin is both a chronic wanderer & a homebody at heart.

She is passionate about criminal justice reform, helping the still-suffering addict, & collecting children.

Rachel is a first-time author, long-time writer. After years of traversing compounded trauma, addiction, & its resulting consequences, she is proudly free of all mood-changing & mind-altering substances.

"Against Such Things" is her first book, & its completion is a lifelong dream fulfilled.

Rachel's Website, Facebook, Instagram, Free book preview

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Aug 18, 2021